Vibrant Lives

More and more applications are now letting you track your data. You can look at it through charts and graphs, but what if you could hear your data? What if you could feel your data? How would you relate to your data differently if it were the compositional structure to your own song? What would your song be?

Vibrant Lives works in tandem with Apple’s new HealthKit app to sonify your health data. Rather than providing you with visual charts or graphs ,Vibrant Lives gives you the unique experience of playing your data back as music.

What can I sonify?

Vibrant Lives will play back the last 30 days of your daily step count. Each day is represented by a new musical chord.

How do I feel my data?

If you also want to feel your data, you can connect your phone to a woojer (wearable infrasonic subwoofer). This application has been specifically designed to give you a full audio/haptic experience.

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